Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad Dream

Last night I awoke screaming from a bad dream. It woke up James, and he comforted me and asked me about it.

I dreamed that I was in a multi-storey building here in India and the hall I was in and the staircase were dark. My husband was on the level below me, and I was with my daughter, Amira (who'll be seven on Wednesday), and she and I needed to get down to him. The staircase and hall were full of men, and I was afraid. I know the electricity was working because I contemplated using the lift to get down, but no lights were on and there were a bunch of idle, scary-looking guys over there, so I decided we'd make a run for it down the stairs (which was also lined with guys) rather than wait for the lift. I lifted her into my arms and ran down to the landing, then turned to head down the stairs and felt a man behind me, pressing his whole body into my back. I was scared and tried desperately to reach the next level, where the light was on and where my husband would be. To escape the guy, I tried quickly sitting and sliding down the stairs with Amira, but he caught up with me about three stairs from the bottom and laughed and started very creepily putting his fingers into my mouth. I was terrified but couldn't yell, and remember thinking, "Where's my husband?" As I was waking, I half-consciously thought, "Just yell. Just do it." So I managed one of those groany, screamy cries and awoke with my heart pounding. James woke up and held me.

I feel like this relates to a lot that's going on in my life right now and am asking for prayer from prophetic intercessor-types. I asked for medical help yesterday and was thrilled that three doctors including a strabismus surgeon took the time to respond. Now I need prayer specialists.

My thoughts on the dream:
--I feel like it is revealing what currently is happening, rather than being a warning about what will happen.
--Husbands often represent the Lord. He was close, but I needed Him to be closer.
--The men on the staircase were demons--I was trying to quickly navigate a dark place. Neither option looked easy (lift vs. stairs)
--I was carrying Amira. She represents compassion ministry to me, so it could either mean my biological children or it could mean my SCH kids, or both. I was concerned about Amira yesterday, as she had had two asthma attacks in the night, so it could mean her literally.
--The disgusting assault on my mouth was I think an attempt to corrupt my speech, maybe make me say things I don't mean, hurt someone verbally, or use my online voice for evil. Crying out to the Lord was what I knew I needed to do to be rescued from this.

Pray, please!

Don't know what it means that I was going from a high place where my husband wasn't to a lower place where He was, unless it means humility vs. pride.

Anyway, let me know what you sense, prayer people.


Chantelle said...

((hug)) Praying for you my friend.

Nikolyn said...

I've had similar dreams (almost identical), Sarah. Its always demonic and always about satan trying to punish me and mess with me when I am pressing in closest to God, doing more kingdom work, advancing God's glory. Its always a sexual threat in the night in a dream and an attempt to silence me and keep me from crying out. You will be ok. He can't hurt you. Its a smokescreen that the Holy Spirit can clear with one fresh breath. Thank you for sharing. I hate that dirty buggar so much! Praying for you.

Bethany said...

Praying for you and ALL your children!!

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